Massage is Medicine

Welcome to the virtual presence of Medicina Massage & Healing!

I strongly believe that Massage IS Healthcare and is an important part of lifetime well being! I deeply enjoy helping align the body through mindful and therapeutic touch. Whether you are rehabilitating from injury or are looking for a way to improve your health and stamina in your active lifestyle, I am here as an ally! Massage Therapy gives the body an opportunity to release stress, pain, and emotional fatigue.

I trust my hands to find the areas of the body that most need attention. I use my 13 years of technical experience and lifetime of having an active body to tune in to the different layers of the tissue. I deeply appreciate feedback and it is of great importance to me for my clients to feel heard and respected in the way I address the body. I bring forth reverence for the purpose of providing a space for healing and deep relaxation.

I am passionate about working with caregivers and healthcare providers. It is known that when we are taken care of, we can take better care of others. We offer such beautiful gifts to our community, and when we give ourselves the time to rejuvenate, we operate in the world with greater passion and integrity.

With bodywork being such an intimate time together, I would love to take the time to  learn about you and your relationship with your body. This is a good time to connect and see if we are a good match.  Please feel free to call and ask questions. I would like to invite you to start enjoying a deeper breath, now…