What is holistic pelvic care?
Holistic Pelvic CareTM is a combination of physical and energetic tools developed by Tami Kent, M.S. Physical Therapy, and designed to assess and then restore balance to the pelvic space. Holistic Pelvic Care is for womb carriers of all ages to address pelvic symptoms or enhance general wellness. These techniques were pioneered by Tami based on extensive experience as a women’s health physical therapist.

What effects will I notice after a HPC session?
Recipients describe immediate effects of a new internal awareness and sense of well-being in the core. The pelvis serves a person in many ways and yet receives little direct care. People also describe feeling more relaxed and centered, a greater sense of support, and increased strength in their pelvic muscles. On a clinical level, the internal massage increases blood and energy flow, revitalizing the root and enhancing overall pelvic health.

What types of pelvic symptoms may be addressed by pelvic care?
Any pelvic imbalance is addressed by hands-on pelvic care: urinary leakage, uterine prolapse, pelvic heaviness or instability, pelvic muscle weakness, pelvic pain, and pain with intercourse. Recipients have also sought treatment (in conjunction with a counselor) to recover their body from sexual abuse. Additionally, people have received pelvic work while receiving other treatments such as for fertility or cancer support.

Do I need to have pelvic symptoms to benefit from pelvic care?
Whether you are suffering from pelvic symptoms or simply want to connect more deeply with your root, holistic pelvic care is essential for your vitality. Womb carriers also benefit from receiving annual pelvic tune-ups as a part of their general wellness plan or when preparing for pregnancy.