What are people saying?

Aimee is an absolutely wonderful massage therapist. She brings the perfect balance of warmth, strength, and tenderness to her work. She has great technique with a lot of range – every massage has been unique. I’ve had a fair number of massages over the years, and Aimee has often used some technique that I had not seen before. Most importantly, though, after each massage, I not only feel completely unwound, I also feel that I’ve been cared for, deeply, thanks to Aimee’s kind and healing presence.

Jed I.Corvallis OR

For years, I have been getting regular massages, and Aimee’s Ashiatsu was one of the best I have ever had! She has superb instincts about what the body needs. I had no idea how fused my scapula was until she worked it out with her foot! She consistently checked in to make sure the pressure was ok, and was super attentive to any requests I had. Plus, her space is cozy. She made me feel comfortable from the start. Aimee’s nurturing, kind spirit truly shines through her love for the art of healing. I highly recommend a massage from Aimee!

Pamela SeryOwnerDelightful Yoga

Aimee’s massage was very nurturing and attentive. The room was very warm and calming, with nature features and soft music. She also invited me to use some doTERRA Breathe oil at the end to clear my sinuses after being in the face cradle. Nice touch!

Micki CarrierOwnercaregiverconnectionpdx.com

Though I was initially cautious about getting a massage with feet, it was an amazing and healing experience. It was grounding and such a release. Thank you for using your amazing talents and natural gifts! Many blessings!

Joyce SteindlerCertified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Energy Health Practitioner

I just wanted to say thank you for an absolutely fantastic massage! You always do an outstanding job! You have a real gift for holistic treatment, and a special talent for understanding where your client’s trouble spots are. After our sessions, I always feel very happy, relaxed, and often even the colors and sounds seem brighter.

You also give a whole new meaning to the term “fancy footwork” with your Ashiatsu massages! Thank you again, and I will definitely come visit the next time I’m in the Portland area!”

Tricia H.

I had a 90 min. session of heaven with Aimee.  While I knew she was a keen and intuitive woman, I was gleefully surprised to find her feet to be as intuitive and able to listen to my body tissue!  The Ashiatsu was everything I needed it to be, grounding, nourishing and bringing  me closer-in to my bones and strength.  Having received A LOT of bodywork, I’m used to going into a relaxed state, sometimes sleepy, sometimes just deep relaxation.  What was totally different about this session with Aimee was that I went into a deeply relaxed and inspired state, as if some lifestyle coach was preening my subtle consciousness supporting me to get clear on my goals and what I currently need to focus on. Thank you Aimee for your skill, your heart, your devotion and you wonderful tools!

Teresa LaughlinShamanic Reiki Practitioner

I just had my second 90 minute massage with Aimee. Absolutely fantastic! I sent both my dad and my partner to see her, and they were also amazed. I gets LOTS of massage in Portland and I can honestly say that Aimee is one of the best! Her wild technique with using her feet to “dance on your back” was pure heaven! I highly recommend her.

Karina J. Naturopathic Physician

“Aimee’s feet are as magical as her hands!  If you have not tried Ashiatsu, I highly recommend it…. the combination feels like an all-over dance of long, deep strokes that both soothe and stretch the muscles in away that hands alone cannot. Her room is warm and nurturing, and Aimee herself is a sweetheart. She also offers heat packs for additional therapeutic benefit.”

MCLong time client

“I was fortunate to experience Aimee’s amazing technique called Ashiatsu massage a few days ago. It was a lovely experience and the first of this kind for me. Aimee is kind and strong, welcoming and professional. The massage was so relaxing and thorough. I so enjoyed how much pressure could be applied to a large surface area at once. And I have chronic neck pain that is rarely alleviated by massage. Aimee knew just how to help me in this area. I appreciate her so very much and am looking forward to my next treatment.”

Susan E.

“Aimee is deeply nurturing in her speech and actions toward the client even before she begins the healing work. She gives her full loving presence in each moment, feeling the body’s subtle signals and listening to any verbal requests. She is very skilled as well as intuitive, and her own physical control helps her feet move smoothly over the body, adjusting pressure and places. Her feet are very soft and therapeutic, as are her hands! Thank-you for being such a balanced, conscientious, heart-full massage therapist.”

Lulu MosmanEmotion Motion Gentle Yoga Teacher at SomaSpace

“As an acupuncturist, I have experienced lots of body work, and Aimee is phenomenal. She is intuitive, strong, warm, and professional. Her massage work is exactly the right level of depth without being painful. I leave her feeling smoothed out, soothed, nourished, and pain free. I highly, highly recommend Aimee!”

Boynn McIntire LAcAll in One Acupuncture

“I’ve had many massages in my life, and Aimee is one of the best!  She is warm and creates a beautiful, welcoming space. Her massage is outstanding! I like deeper pressure and she is able to give that without being painful.  She give tremendous value, and I left feeling fantastic.  Warning: you may get hooked, she is that good!
I give her my highest recommendation!”

Cricket W.Life Coach

“I originally decided to try Ashiatsu massage at Medicina with two other friends. I admit that I was new to massage in general and a bit skeptical that I would like this unique style. Aimee is incredibly positive and warm and helped me feel comfortable immediately. The massages are intense but not to the point of discomfort and she is so skilled and attentive to what areas I might be carrying extra tension, I became hooked. We are all now regular members and I consider Medicina massages an integral part of my training routine. Highly recommend!”

Alicia I.Medicina Member

“Wonderful!!! I have received many massages in Portland and elsewhere, but this was unique and special.  Aimee’s use of her feet in her practice is a first time experience for me, and that alone was very nice and the perfect amount of pressure.  But even more special to me was Aimee’s connectedness and physical space, creating the perfect environment for relaxation and healing.  Highly, highly recommended!”

Michael H.

“MOST RELAXING MASSAGE EVER. Aimee is a great massage therapist and she really creates the ideal environment for you to relax. She really thinks about every detail– from the type of massage she does (she sometimes does traditional massage, but most often practices a deep-tissue massage with her feet!), to aromatherapy, and even this calming head-wrap you can wear when you are lying on your back to block out the light. I am doing her membership program and getting regular sessions, which is so beneficial, especially since I like to be active and it cuts down on my soreness and potential for injury. Worth every penny. Aimee is the best!”

Danielle R.Business Coach

“Aimee provides the highest level of service — amazing warmth and friendliness, a professional and dedicated approach to therapeutic massage and a very responsive approach to individual’s different needs.  Her space is always warm and comforting and she uses wonderful essential oils to give her massages a luxurious feel.  Her deep massage techniques are some of the best I’ve ever experienced — I always leave feeling heavenly!  If you haven’t tried Aimee, you owe it to yourself to experience her massage!”

Julie M.Medicina Member

I think Karen put a spell on me!  The combination Ashiatsu massage and cranialsacral work was nothing short of phenomenal.  Karen worked out a kink in my back that I had been struggling with for many months.  I started working out at Bleeding Hearts Kettlebell Club (a phenomenal gym) four months ago and find I need more regular massages because I am working every single muscle in my body (and I have fibromyalgia). My previous Ashiatsu massage therapist moved out of state. I’m glad she did — KAREN IS SO MUCH BETTER!

Lisa B.Happy Client

I had the best massage I have ever had in my life today with Karen. I have been to a lot of different therapists for massage, and even went to Thailand and received several different massages too! Karen is magic and I truly believe she is a healer. I will now pledge my allegiance to her. I will go to her again and again and again!

Megan S.Happy Client