Benefits of Ashiatsu

Ashiatsu is about 20 years old and was developed by a western woman inspired by eastern culture. As a child Ruthie Hardee traveled a lot with her parents and saw how different cultures approached bodywork and healing. As an adult, she became a Massage Therapist. Faced with her own physical maladies, Ruthie was desperate to stay in the massage business and developed Ashiatsu.
‘Ashi’ means foot and ‘atsu’ means pressure.
To receive Ashiatsu feels like receiving a broad, deep, luxurious, Swedish massage. Holding bars above the table, the therapist uses their feet and is able to apply deep, even pressure via body weight and gravity. This manner of working allows the therapist to work deep with less effort and better body mechanics. The bars above also work as a stabilizing tool and a great way to monitor how much pressure is being applied.
The benefits of Ashiatsu include:
Deep Tissue without discomfort
Reduces chronic pain
Release mental and emotional stress
Improves blood pressure
Breaks up scar tissue
Releases bundles nerves
Stretches the spine
Improves body posture
Boosts Immunity
Promotes feelings of well being